Discussion on How The Diaspora Can Help Solve Jamaica’s Crime Problem

Discussion on How The Diaspora Can Help Solve Jamaica Crime Problem

A virtual panel discussion on how the Diaspora can assist in solving Jamaica’s high crime problem, focusing on reducing the high incidents of murders, will be held on Sunday, December 5 from 7-9:00 PM.

The zoom/facebook presentation will involve participants drawn from the three Diaspora centers and Jamaica.

Jamaica’s Consul General to Miami, Mr. Oliver Mair, will welcome the participants.

Sponsored by the Jamaica Diaspora Crime Intervention and Prevention Task Force, speakers will include among others, Dr. Trevor Munroe; Dr. Herbert Gayle; Lloyd Distant President of the JCC; Capt. Peter Whittingham LAPD; David Mullings BMC; former FBI special agent, Mr. Wilfred Rattigan;Capt. Peter Whittingham; Dr Oliver Fallon-Ried JMOF; Dr. Karen Dunkley; Dr. Allan Cunningham; Capt. Kevin Junor of Canada and Donovan Tait from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Dr. Kevin Brown out of the United Kingdom and others.

“As The Jamaica Diaspora Crime Intervention and Prevention Leader, Worldwide. My office has been inundated by calls from members of the Diaspora asking that we engage with the Government once more to explore possibilities of assisting them to solving the current Crime CRISIS. We have gotten together one of the best Diaspora Crime Teams (by any standards} to speak to the Public to join us in asking the Government to allow US a seat at the table before it is too late!!! We urge the Prime Minister and the Minister Security Dr. Chang, our Deputy PM, to listen to our plea and act as they promised,” said Dr. Rupert A. Francis, Captain

Dr. Francis said that suggestions from the public will be welcomed.

He points out that the forum will focus on finding solutions and not to cast blame on anyone or any institution.

“We really want to come up with practical solutions to Jamaica’s rising crime problem,” he said.

For Further Information:
Jamaica Diaspora Crime and Intervention Task Force
Telephone: (909) 994-2490
Email: [email protected]

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