The daring flight for a better life, to a land unknown, except for rumours of betterment “milk’ and “honey” , where dreams are possible. No one said anything about the loneliness, or the deep depression that envelops your very soul. The underground tunnel you’ll suffocate in, indefinitely. Cultural shocks that send chills through your being, as you grip tight to the memories of yesteryear. Innocent and pure, so undemanding beautiful…. yet, that was not enough. We all wanted more. No one told you being torn from the umbilical hurt like hell. What was normally poverty; now becomes treasures, precious memories. You don’t just cry when the loneliness like freezing rain slice you across the face, you bawl rivers, sobs like earthquakes jerk your tortured soul. Transporting trimmers to your native land whereever it is you come from.

Feel the rhythm of my sobs
vibrating the thick walls
-that separates us?
Can you smell the stench of my loneliness
-as we share the seat on the bus?
If I cry for help, will you ask what wrong?
-And if I cant hang on;
call nine one one,
will you help me ease this pain
-the pounding in my head
as I give way to the freight train
Demolishing memories –
They’re all I have to keep me alive
-cause survival seems impossible
Displaced among you,
Separation is horrible
My soul fixed in the midst of the blue mountain
My being aches for the endless virgin
-emerald landscape
withdrawal’s kicking in; need rum from the sugarcanes,
perspiring; I’m overheating for the Jamaican rain.

About the author

Janet L.Harvey