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My Friend Brags about Jamaica all the time. Do All Jamaicans Brag? – Ask a Jamaican Guy


Q: I have a Jamaican friend that constantly brags about things Jamaica does better than the USA. He brags about Jamaica all the time and how much better the education system is. We have the same circle of friends and everyone thinks he is arrogant. I spoke to him about it and he says all Jamaicans are like him and “brag” about their country. He is a nice guy but the fact is no one wants to be around him when he starts to “bad mouth” our country.  Do all Jamaicans brag like this? What should I do?

A: Not all Jamaicans are like this. There are almost half as many Jamaicans living outside of Jamaica as those who live there. If all were like that I am sure there would be some type of revolt to send them back to Jamaica. Handle this dude like you handle any other annoying show-off. tell him you respect his love for his country of birth but he needs to stop going over the top. Initially, it may hurt his feelings but this is what friends do with other friends they like. They tell them the truth.

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