Memoirs of An Illegal Alien

Do You Still Love Me – Memoirs of An Illegal Alien Part 112

The situation was very awkward. It’s been a week since Rosa and I made love at my house. I was not sure what to do.

Was I to call her about what happened or just leave it as one of them things. I was still pursuing Nicola and she went back to her fiancé That was justification for me to move on in life.

Chances are it was just a one night thing

“I just want you to know that what happened was a mistake. I was a little drunk and feeling lonely after seeing such a romantic wedding. It was nothing else”.

Not “it” was a mistake.

Well what about the second time. I wanted to say that so badly. I wanted to say it was so good you had to come back for more. But I did not. I did not need to say a thing as I already knew it.

“No problem”, I replied.

“No one has to know what happened. Right?” she said. I knew exactly what she meant by “no one”. She wanted to be sure I did not say anything to her fiancé . I had no reason to tell Nicola. By saying “no one” she made it seem like we both had an incentive to keep it a secret.

“Sure”, I replied.

“one more thing…I will be…”
She paused.

“…Oh I got to go. Let’s finish the discussion when I get to Miami in 2 weeks,” she replied.

I heard a voice in the background. Her fiancé Alberto was home.

She hung up.

What more did she need to say. In my mind she said it all.


Nicola recently bought a car and it has an issue. The mechanic shop where she dropped off the car was near my house. They had to keep it overnight to diagnose the problem so she called me up as she had to get back on campus, and her boyfriend was not available.

I picked her up. We talked and had fun. As I walked her to her dorm our hands brushed against each other. We looked at each other and I knew there was something. We got to her door and we hugged. As we released from the hug there was a kiss moment. We both knew it. But it did not happen. I think we both knew that it was a kiss even though it did not happen.


It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon and the NBA final was on TV. It was the 4 quarter of the game, and it was close. I had become a big time basketball fan and I was into to the game big time.

There was a knock on the door.

I was not expecting anyone.

I looked through the peephole. It was Rosa and fiancé. I recognized him from photos I had seen before.

After some awkward introductions she explained that he wanted to meet me and thank me for hosting her. I tried to keep them out but they kept talking at the door.

They invited themselves in as they just drove in and Rosa wanted to use the bathroom.

Alberto sat on the couch with me while Rosa was in the bathroom. I did not know what to say to him. I wanted to get into the game. Were we to compare notes on Rosa. I was about to ask him if he wanted something to drink when I heard a snore.

I could not believe it. He was knocked out sleeping on my couch.

I was just fine with it. I could go back to watching my game. Rosa was probably refreshing herself from the drive.

Then she came out the bathroom. She started to say something and then realized Alberto was sleeping.

She sat beside him.

She whispered that he has pulled double duty at the hospital and was tired.

Can I talk to you in the front room about what happened the last time.

Why now. I thought to myself. The game was tied with 2 minutes left. This was the worst time.

She got up and walked to the front room.

I had to go. Reluctantly I got up and went.

The door was closed.

As I opened the door she grabbed my hand. She was naked. She whispered in my ear. make love to me.

The excitement was too much. I did not care that Alberto was in the next room. We had a quickie.

Then she looked in my eyes and asked me, “Do you still love me?”

This was crazy. Her fiancé is in the next room. I always had feelings for her and in a strange way I still loved her. We were going to get married before she broke up with me.  I was not sure how I was suppose to answer.

“You have a fiancé, I am also seeing someone. Our lives are complicated”, I replied avoiding a direct answer.

“I realize I still love you. Let’s uncomplicate our lives”

“Can we talk about this another time when your fiancé is not in the next room”

I reached for the door and walked back to the living room.

Alberto was still snoring heavily.

Rosa came out next. And sat beside Alberto

I was steering at the TV. The game was over and I watched the replay.

I could feel Rosa’s steer.

Alberto awoke about 10 minutes later.

He started to apologize about sleeping on the couch and they quickly left.

I was relieved that they left but my life just got a little more complicated.

I was confused. One night I can understand. But twice this has happened. I loved the spontaneity of the sex but this was not right. It was now official. I was having a long distance affair with my ex-girlfriend.

—– Illegal Alien

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