Jamaicans in New York

Eating in New York

This section is dedicated to you. All those who walk off dem boot heel, wit dem belly inna dem han! If you love a home cooked meal, you will never go hungry in New York. I really mean this. If you need products, seasonings, fruits or vegetables such as, bammy, breadfruit, ginnep, hairy coconut, sorrel, etc., most of the Korean markets in Flatbush, East Flatbush or Crown Heights carry these products.

If you want hot food, the list is endless. In Flatbush and East Flatbush there are Jamaican restaurants on every other corner. Flatbush, Church and Nostrand Avenues are abundant with restaurants for Jamaicans. Many of these restaurants are take out places but if the food is good, that’s all that matters right? In Queens, in all the areas mentioned above, there are a plethora of restaurants. In Bronx, all along White Plains Road and off this main thoroughfare. In Manhattan, there are known restaurants such as:

  • Negril – 362 W. 23rd St. (212) 807-6411
  • Island Spice – 402 W. 44th St. (212) 765- 1737
  • Pepper’s Restaurant & Bar* – 349 Broadway (212) 343 -2824 (features entertainment on certain nights)

Not to mention the Golden Krust Bakery franchises that are popping up all over. There are currently seven stores in Manhattan. In Brooklyn, there are nine locations, four of them along Flatbush Avenue. In the Bronx, which was home to the first store, there are at least eight stores. In Queens, there are four locations. This chain features the famous beef patties, along with good hot food and even soup. Just ask Tiki Barber!

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