9 Things You Did Not Know About Elaine Thompson, Fastest Woman In The World

Elaine Thompson Fastest Woman in the World

We caught up with Jamaican Olympic Champion Elaine Thompson who is appearing at the Grace Jerk Festival South Florida this month. Many of you know her as the fastest woman in the world but did you know she is also a foodie. Here are 9 things you did not know about the Fastest Woman in the world.

Your nick name growing up was…

What is your secret to success?
Hard work and discipline.

So yellow yam (lol) has been attributed to why Jamaicans run so fast. Do you eat yellow yam during training?
Yes, I like yellow yam, especially from Banana Ground, Manchester.

Word is out that you are a foodie and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Management and Culinary Arts. Will you be cooking up something at the Grace Jerk Festival?
No cooking for me at the Jerk Festival, I only cook at home (big smile).

Do you ever make your own meals during training? What do you love making?
Sometimes. I love making chicken and rice and peas

What is your Jamaican food  weakness?
Ackee and saltfish.

If you could have dinner with anybody, alive or dead, who would it be?
Ronaldinho (Brazilian footballer) and Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce (Jamaican double Olympic 100m Champ) my mentor and friend

A movie I can watch a thousand times and never get sick of
I am not a big movie buff

A simple action you think everyone could take to make the world a better place?
Smile more and improve communication

Thanks for the interview and all the best in the future.
You are welcome and thank you.  I hope to see lots of people next week Sunday, at the Grace Jerk Festival.

You can meet and greet Elaine Thompson at the South Florida Grace Jerk Festival on November 13th, 2016

Photo Source: Elaine Thompson


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