Facts on Jamaica: The first breadfruit tree

The first breadfruit tree in Jamaica was planted in St. Thomas at the Bath Botanical Garden. The British Captain Cook discovered breadfruit on Tahiti, and his description of the fruit caught the public’s imagination back home in England. The first tree in Jamaica was brought to the island from Tahiti by Captain William Bligh in 1793 on the ship HMS Providence. Captain Bligh knew about breadfruit as he had been with Captain Cook on his voyage to Tahiti. Breadfruit is a very versatile food and can be prepared many different ways. Jamaicans eat the fruit at all stages of its development, but it is usually eaten in its mature form when it is often a substitute for rice or potatoes. Ripe fruits are sweet and are used in pies and cakes. Even the seeds, which are similar to chestnuts, can be ground, roasted, or boiled. Roasted or fried breadfruit is popular in Jamaica.