Farren Mind

Mi nuh like tuh be negative bout people
An mi tink mi ave an open mind
But, a wha appen tuh some a fi wi people
When dem si dem owna kind

Imagine, mi is a bawn Jamaican
Who love fi boast bout mi islan
Mi tell evrybaddy bout sweet sweet Jamaica
An how Canada became part a mi plan

Mi meet some farren minded Jamaicans
Who have pear bad tings fi she bout yaad
Dem trow stone right behind dem
Wen dem lef an come abraad

Mi nuh live a farren caas Jamaica nuh nice
Nuh more beautiful country nuh exist
Is jus dat tings nat going too smooth
Fi guh back a yaad is sometimes hard fi resist

Suh all who tink dat Jamiaca is di worse
Try come mek life abraad
It nat as easy as it seems
Nuh whe still nuh betta dan yaad

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