To Pay A Man His Own Coins – Fathers awake

Fathers awake

Fathers arise

Fathers open you eyes.

Fathers stand up

Fathers realize

Fathers deal up some positive vibes.

Fathers teach your daughters and sons

Give them knowledge

So they gain wisdom.

Provide for your children a shoulder to lean on

Inspire, motivate

Establish a social and emotional bond.

Praise them, scold them

Be a confidant

Show them respect, understanding and tolerance.

Hug them, love them

Simple put, just be their friend

So when they become adults they do the same with their children.


The joys of being a father are unparalleled. We see in our young ones the potential to realize our very own unfulfilled dreams.

We often here similes like ‘as devoted as a mother and as kind as a child’ but nothing about fathers love and devotion towards their children. Too often fathers are classified as sperm donors and deadbeat dads because of their delinquencies.

Mothers need to try to work with fathers. Financial support should not be the yardstick by which fathers are measured. Instead, encourage fathers to be involved in their children moral and social upbringing and to partake in their guidance and career.

At times, (seemingly more often nowadays) parents separate and then the children ultimately suffers. Mothers no longer can stand fathers and fathers likewise cannot stand mothers and in the process visitation and access to the children grinds to an abrupt end.

Separation or not, fathers must make it their duty to see their children often, attend school functions, especially PTA meetings and establish a bond of friendship and trust with your children.

Fathers must take their children on educational trips such as to the museum, the library, the zoo and the science centre. Take them to the ballpark, to games and movies. Tell them you love them, be patient with them and most of all be understanding. They are young and at times will repeatedly make the same mistakes.

Remember, a man is often paid in his own coins. Happy Father’s Day to all !