You don’t need to be fearful or fearless, just guh ah yuh yard” – Returning to your homeland, Jamaica

Over my travels in meetings, socials, conferences, discussions and conversations in the Diaspora, I have met many persons who are fearful of returning to their homeland, Jamaica due to crime. The fact is, crime is a real, however crime is everywhere. Frankly, I don’t even watch local news in the mornings or nights where I live because it’s filled with reports of murders, looting, shootings and Jamaica is no different.

The question is do you believe in Destiny? Or do you believe that accident, death, disability are just a fact of life? What do you fear? If you believe that it’s destiny and “God called that person Home” or an accident or illness made them disabled then it would have happened anyway.

return to your homeland jamaica

I had the distinct pleasure of vacationing in Jamaica; touring the various townships across the island. There is no better pleasure anywhere. Believe me.

However, the one thing I discovered that I wish to share is that, people are living normal lives at home.

Loving, Caring, sharing, working, partying, sporting, driving, playing, enjoying life. Everything that we do in the Diaspora, actually living in Jamaica is in higher gear than living a farrin and I dare you to say otherwise. Because, if you haven’t been here you don’t know. If you are absent because you are fearful then you are listening to the wrong information. Get up! Smell the Blue Mountain Coffee or cocoa tea! Think again about your youth, think about your current life. Are you really fulfilled or is something missing? It might just be Jamaica?

Leave the fakers and creators of fear alone. Leave CNN and NBC and come back to your JBC. Come back to the land of your birth. You don’t need to be fearful or fearless, just guh ah yuh yawd! I’m here now till tomorrow and I don’t want leave. It’s Heavenly.