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Five Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee-Infused Drinks You Can Make At Home This Summer

Five Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee-Infused Drinks You Can Make At Home This Summer

This summer is expected to be hotter than ever before, and coffee drinkers will want to chill down even if it’s 96 degrees in the shade. Coffee Roasters of Jamaica has an authentic mix of coffee that can replace the more popular instant coffees on the market, despite its reputation as a luxury item. It boasts the powerful flavour of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and is reasonably priced for a sixteen-ounce packet.

Because it is unlike any other gourmet coffee in the world, this rich flavor characteristic of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is much sought after by coffee connoisseurs. Producing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, which is unique to our small island of Jamaica, necessitates very specific, very precise growth conditions.

The unusual volcanic soil, the chilly climate, and the ten-month wait from blossom to harvest are all factors. It’s hard to reproduce the types of growing circumstances in which coffee flourishes, which means that while some may try to imitate its attributes, nothing beats the real thing.

Coffee Roasters of Jamaica, on the other hand, buys solely from select local small farmers and uses a thorough roasting technique to turn their green coffee beans and bring out that wonderful full-bodied flavor.

Country Traders’ Coffee Roasters of Jamaica brand is noted for its unusual flavor, which is described as subtle and multi-layered with overtones of honey, flowers, and chocolate. Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica is also well-known for its exceptional quality, and it is considered one of the best coffees in the world.

In 1991, Mark Fletcher founded Country Traders Limited, a family-run business with the goal of bringing his special blend of coffee to the market. He became a cupper in 2006 so that he could learn how to discern the small variances among the many components that give each cup of coffee its own distinct and characteristic flavor.

He now leads a staff of twenty highly trained individuals. He is one of the island’s first few coffee roasters, having been granted a license by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA), the government institution in charge of ensuring the quality of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Over the last 27 years, Country Traders has focused on roasting and distributing Jamaica Blue Mountain and other Jamaican coffee in both domestic and international markets under the ‘Coffee Roasters of Jamaica’ brand.

“We usually acquired green beans from other processors,” says Mark Fletcher, “but decided to begin purchasing coffee directly from small and medium-size farmers in 2013.” We made this decision to improve the consistency and quality of our raw material supply for our roasting business, as well as to become exporters of Jamaica Blue Mountain green beans,” he explains.

Country Traders is a well-known buyer in the Jamaica Blue Mountains, and they just purchased a farm in the Silver Hill area, which is in the heart of the range. They continue to buy only the highest-quality gourmet coffee from local growers across the Blue Mountains and sell green beans to markets such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Summer is brewing and what better way than to have different coffee drink options in the heat.

Here are a few cold coffee-infused drink recipes:

Dalgona Coffee or Whipped Coffee

Dalgona or whipped coffee is kinda cool

Dalgona coffee or whipped coffee is a TikTok fave! Instead of instant, whisk boiling water, Coffee Roasters brewed coffee, half instant coffee, and sugar together until dissolved. Continue to whisk until mixture becomes thick and forms a peak, 2 to 3 minutes. Pour milk into a glass. Pour the frothy coffee on top of the milk.

Matcha Coffee Latte

Add 1 teaspoon of matcha powder and 1 cup of almond milk with ice to a cup with a lid (like a mason jar) and shake. Add 1/2 cup of coffee to the matcha + milk mixture. Add maple syrup and stir. Serve hot or cold.

Cold Brew Coffee

Combine the Coffee Roasters of Jamaica coffee grounds with water, then let it steep for about 12 hours. Strain the coffee. Dilute the coffee with as much water or milk as you prefer. Serve over ice.

Flavoured Coffee

Whether French Vanilla, Caramel Macchiato, Hazelnut, or Mocha, adding your favourite flavours is a great way to change things up. Add whipped cream and sprinkles to make something special.

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