Five Jamaican Drone Photographers You Might Not Know

Jamaican Drone Photographers You Might Not Know

Jamaica’s landscape is so beautiful it’s hard not to appreciate the amazing drone photographers out there. From where the beach reaches the sea and the mountains meet the sky, the photos can be so breathtaking!

1. Shaquiel Brooks

Blue Mountain Peak is a majestic site and it’s makes you realize how truly beautiful Jamaica really is. Check out this drone video from photographer Shaquiel Brooks.

2. Corey Hamilton

Jamaican Drone Photographers You Might Not Know

Jamaican photographer Corey Hamilton otherwise known as @Coreymus is the king of Jamaican drone photography.

3. Shaun Jay

drone shot

Jamaican Creator @shaunjayem  is nice enough to share his world travels with us.

4. Yanic Barrett

drone shot

If you’re missing Doctor’s Cave Beach, here’s creator @yanicmb‘s  aerial shot of a day in the life.

5. Jamieson Daley

Over the Cockpit Country, featuring the Accompong Maroon Village from @jamiesondaley


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