Five Jamaican-made Gifts for Christmas

Its the most wonderful time of the year for a cup of Coffee Roasters of Jamaica - Photo by Michael Moodie

Looking for Jamaican-made Christmas gift ideas? Here are Five Jamaican-made Gifts for Christmas.

Be Merry this Christmas with 100% Wellness Beverages from Jamaica Cold-Pressed Juices

Jamaica Cold Pressed Juices Subscription services are available for detoxing in the new year - Photo WongaGyal

Photo Credit: WongaGyal

Drinking sorrel, ginger, fruity spices and rum always evokes sentimentality around this time of year. It even manages to melt the hearts of the hardest Christmas Grinches! So clearly it brings the majority joy, and who are we to argue with that tradition? Brit-Jamaican Toussaint Davy, Chief Juicing Officer (CJO) of Jamaica Cold-Pressed Juices blends his annual sorrel flavour for those who don’t feel like it’s Christmas without the in-demand hibiscus gold. Produced in carefully-curated batches, Jamaica Cold-Pressed Juices uses the liquid from the cane grass as the natural sweetener as the base of his entire range of elixirs. Think of it as plant-based wellness in every gulp.

You can be the life of any holiday party by using JCPJ’s bespoke flavours of refreshing Watermelon, and seductive Strawberry to make your cocktails. Add prosecco, vodka, gin, or dark and white rum to experiment this holiday season.

Other flavours in the range include the signature blend Gingerlime, calming Cucumber, wellness-boosting Turmeric, the ‘Stamina Daddy’ Beetroot, cool Carrot and antioxidant-rich June Plum.

Why cold-pressed juice? Such beverages retain more nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants than regular juices that are heated. Purchase directly by Whatsapp +1 876 350 5938 or follow @Jamaicacoldpress on IG. Subscription services are available for those seeking to reset in the new year. They ship worldwide.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a cup of  Coffee Roasters of Jamaica

Its the most wonderful time of the year for a cup of Coffee Roasters of Jamaica - Photo by Michael Moodie

Photo Credit: Michael Moodie

If you’re reading this, you know how to make a fa-la-la-la-lasting impression. Nothing says luxury more than a premium cup of Coffee Roasters of Jamaica 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain™ Coffee. If you were waiting to buy this for a special occasion, now is the time. Make Santa’s Christmas Coffee for the family and if you’re feeling extra festive, experiment with cocktail recipes — like ‘Irish Coffee’ to keep the vibes going past New Year’s Eve. You can purchase your favourite Coffee Roasters of Jamaica coffee online at www.countrytraders.com. We ship worldwide. Follow us @coffeeroastersjamaica on IG and Facebook.

Indulge in a staycation and make it a December to remember!

Named the best beachfront hotel by Luxury Travel Guide in 2020 Charela Inn has some IG-worthy spots like their hacienda style pool - Photo by Sheldon Levene

Photo Credit: Sheldon Levene

For obvious reasons, you may be a little hesitant to pack your bags and jet off for a European vacation. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little getaway though to Jamaica though. Whether you made the naughty or nice list this year, how about booking a family vacation with your loved ones?

One of the best-kept secrets on Jamaica’s world-renowned 7-Mile beach is the French fusion restaurant, Le Vendôme and award-winning boutique hotel, Charela Inn. Named the best beachfront hotel by Luxury Travel Guide in 2021, Charela Inn has some IG-worthy spots like their hacienda-style pool, alongside the nightly five-course dinner menu. Try Les Escargots (‘Snails’)!

You can spend a weekend with the family or intimate dinner with your beloved and raise a glass with their Caribbean-exclusive Pol Roger champagne.

The food is something exclusive to The Rock with its French-Jamaican twist. The establishment is Jamaican-owned by West Coast wonder Mr Daniel Grizzle, who received the Order of Distinction this year for his forty decades of service. If you’re lucky and you catch him at dinner, the Negril Legend may well tell you a story or two about his fascinating life. Jazz night on Thursdays and live music on Saturdays. Follow on IG @charelainn and @levendomenegril. If you can prove you’re a local, Charela Inn offers a 20 percent off. Visit www.charelainn.com or email [email protected] for more information.

Time to spruce things up with Rivi Gardner Architects

Whether youre looking to renovate your family home or build your first investment property most are overwhelmed by the process Kitchen design rendering by Rivi Gardner Architects

Photo Credit: Rivi Gardner Architects

Traditionally, Christmas time is the season when we concentrate on home and family. How we nest at the end of the year is as important as how we start the new year. Whether you’re looking to renovate your family home or build your first investment property, most people are overwhelmed by the process. Known for its functional luxury, with sustainable environmental design at its heart, consider giving the gift to your loved one a one-on-one consultation – in-person or on Zoom – with one of Jamaica’s most influential and long-standing architectural firms, Rivi Gardner Architects.

From designing The Guardian Life commercial building to sleek, residential homes and first-class luxury developments across the island, Rivi Gardner Architects can help you build a beautiful, timeless structure that will increase in value for decades to come. Located in a new location on 10 South Avenue, Unit 18, Kingston 6. Follow them on IG @rivigardnerarchitects or go to www.rivigardnerarchitects.com for more information.

Treat yourself with fine art photography print from Celebrity photographer Marlon James

Celebrity photography Marlon James prints

With all the choices you have for gift-giving this Christmas, it may be good to consider investing in an art piece that will increase in value over time.

Celebrity photographer Marlon James has snapped everyone from reggae icons Yellow Man and Buju Banton to fashion icon Tyra Banks and now you can deck the halls of your home with one of his limited edition prints for yourself.

His work has been displayed in galleries across the US, Europe and Scandinavia as well as featured in several publications such as Marie Claire magazine.

Incorporating a raw, unedited approach to photography, he often captures socially controversial subjects who represent taboo aspects of Jamaican society. He started by documenting individuals in the artistic community, and gradually branched out to the wider community including the Caribbean. An impetus for the work came from a search for his own identity.

His limited edition prints are for sale starting at US$600. Follow on IG @moderndaycaveman for more information.

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