Five Questions with BuddahBabyWoo, The Son of Legendary Grammy-Nominated Robbie Shakespeare

In the vibrant world of reggae music, the legendary duo Sly and Robbie, comprising drummer Sly Dunbar and the late bassist Robbie Shakespeare, left an indelible mark on the genre for decades. The duo, known for their influential rhythms and innovative production, paved the way for countless artists in the reggae industry. Today, a new star is rising, the son of the late Robbie Shakespeare, known as BuddahBabyWoo.

Five Questions with BuddahBabyWoo, The Son of Legendary Grammy-Nominated Robbie Shakespeare1

Born with the given name Shaun Shakespeare, BuddahBabyWoo is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. He possesses a unique blend of musical influences, inherited from his Jamaican roots and shaped by his upbringing in Hollywood, Florida. Shaun Shakespeare is the spitting image of his father, both in appearance and in the deep passion he holds for music.

Five Questions with BuddahBabyWoo, The Son of Legendary Grammy-Nominated Robbie Shakespeare2

BuddahBabyWoo’s music is a genre-defying fusion of afro-beats, reggae, hip-hop, and rap. His lyrics are edgy and urban, reflecting the dynamic blend of his Jamaican heritage and his formative years in the United States. When you listen to his music, you’ll hear him seamlessly transition between languages, often breaking into Jamaican dialect, a testament to his cultural and musical diversity.

As the son of the late reggae legend Robbie Shakespeare, BuddahBabyWoo is well aware of the rich legacy he inherits, and he is determined to honour it while also carving out his unique path. Just as legends like DJ Kool Herc were influenced by the environment they grew up in, embracing hip-hop and rap, Shaun Shakespeare has been profoundly shaped by his surroundings in the United States. Recently released track, “ Can’t Trade” on all platforms Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, this cultural fusion is at the heart of his music, bringing a fresh perspective to the reggae genre. He shares, “I want to carry on my father’s legacy, I want the accolades, the Grammy nominations, and I’m willing to put in the work to get it, just like my father did.”

We sat down the BuddahBabyWoo to talk about life growing up with the reggae legend.

Q: Growing up as the son of the legendary Robbie Shakespeare, how has your father’s influence shaped your musical journey? Can you share a specific moment or lesson that has stayed with you throughout your career?

A: It was in 2003 when my Dad and I  went on tour with reggae singer Michael Rose, and I remember someone asking him if he knew what he was going to play…and with a dull look, he said, “I don’t know”.Then he added every night is something different. Always play what I feel…I have been using that ever since. I never wrote a song; I just freestyle and talk about how I feel.

Q: With such an iconic figure as your father, there’s a rich musical legacy to uphold. How do you approach incorporating your unique style while still paying homage to the traditions and innovations your father brought to the music world?

A: Well, it came naturally as far as roots…I try my best to keep its reggae roots and mix the hip-hop in a way that doesn’t clash.

Q: The recording studio has been a second home for your family. Can you share a memorable studio experience or collaboration that stands out to you, providing insight into the creative process and the dynamic between you and your father in a musical setting?

A: I do this thing where I close my eyes, and he does the same thing when he plays…I asked him why he does it, and he said he could feel every note and see them making it easier to play the same with me it’s like tunnel vision.

Q: In the current music landscape, what contemporary artists or genres are you drawn to, and how have these influences found their way into your work? How do you balance the timeless reggae roots with a contemporary musical expression?

A: Reggae is like the foundation of the sound that carries probably every riddim we hear and the genre that we listen to…so it’s not difficult for me to put my roots in to flow with any genre….but I’m drawn to the afrobeat style.

Q: As an artist in your own right, what message or emotion do you hope to convey through your music? How do you see your musical journey evolving, and what impact do you aspire to make in the industry?

A: If you listen to my music, you will see that we are all the same and can relate to each other a lot. I want to make an impact that’s not only going to change my life but also change others in any way I can in this industry

BuddahBabyWoo has recently released Single “Can’t Trade, which is highly anticipated by fans and the music industry alike. With a combination of raw talent, rich musical heritage, and a passion for innovation, Shaun Shakespeare, aka BuddahBabyWoo, is set to become a trailblazer in the world of reggae music.

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