Florida City Holds Parade for Jamaican-Born Woman Celebrating 101st Birthday

Florida City Holds Parade for Jamaican-Born Woman Celebrating 101st Birthday-2

The City of Miramar in Florida celebrated the birthday of Jamaican-born Mrs. Ruby Campbell, who turned 101 on January 26, 2023, with a special parade that featured local firefighters and police officers on January 28, 2023. The city wanted to mark the birthday of a beloved member of the community with a big event.

Miramar City Commissioner Alexandra P. Davis initiated the special birthday parade, which originated at Miramar Fire Station #19 and ended at Campbell’s home. In a press release, Davis expressed her thanks to all the city’s residents, particularly Mrs. Campbell who has lived for a century and witnessed many things that most people only read about in history books. Davis added that it was a blessing to live such a long and fulfilling life and wished Campbell the ability to enjoy many more birthdays.

Ruby Campbell is described as a quiet, jovial, Christian woman, who was born in St. Ann, Jamaica. She immigrated to the United States with her husband, to whom she was married for 45 years before his death in 1999. Campbell has lived in Broward County, Florida, for more than 30 years. She has 10 children, 27 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren.

Florida City Holds Parade for Jamaican-Born Woman Celebrating 101st Birthday-2

Campbell’s family said the special celebration was well-deserved. Several members of her family joined her for the celebration, including great-great-grandchildren. One family member said, “She’s a woman of faith, she really is, and I think that’s pivotal to her being where she is right now. She’s one that’s- she’s a pillar of the family and a strong woman, and we love her dearly.”

Commissioner Davis summed up the event by posting to Facebook, “It was truly a great day in the City of Miramar as we celebrated our very own centenarian. Imagine, there are only approximately 573,000 centenarians in the world! Ms. Campbell who was born in Jamaica, but migrated here over 30 years ago was celebrated by her family and the community. I presented her with a Proclamation and arranged for a parade with members of our police and fire! Happy Birthday, Ms. Campbell!

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