From Math Teacher in Jamaica to Highly Paid Fashion Influencer Working with Brands Like Amazon, Walmart & Bloomingdales.
I got it from my granny

For Kerry-Ann, fashion wasn’t just a hobby but a core part of her identity, fueling her creativity and personal expression, even as a teacher her sense of style was very noticeable, often being the most well-dressed person on campus.

This sense of style she says she had from an early age and was inspired by her grandmother.

The Power of Consistency & Dedication
A Life-Altering Challenge
Start Betting on Yourself, Think BIG!!!

“I didn’t even pitch for it” she says about the first Amazon partnership, which was a resounding success and led to a second successful collaboration that saw meteoric audience growth. This led to a strategic expansion of her brand across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Her consistent, engaging content earned her a substantial following, with 647k monthly views on Pinterest alone. One of the hardest platforms to garner followers.

As she grew, she attracted lucrative partnership deals from brands such as Walmart, LTK, Bloomingdale’s, and Target, further solidifying her status as a top fashion influencer.

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A future Rich With Possibilities


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