Glamour Magazine Features Jamaican Stylist Lacy Redway

Glamour Magazine Features Jamaican Stylist Lacy Redway

Jamaican stylist Lacy Redway is one of the most sought-after in Hollywood, and the public has seen her work displayed in numerous high-fashion magazines as well as on the red carpet, where she has worked with high-profile stars like Lupita Nyong’o. The range of Redway’s abilities has catapulted the 32-year-old Redway to fame in the extremely competitive fashion styling industry. Based in New Jersey but working bi-coastal, Redway wields considerable power in the traditional “boy’s club” of big names. Redway noted that it is still difficult for women to receive the same opportunities as men, which is an issue she takes seriously. It has prompted her activism within the industry to correct this situation. While things are changing gradually, Redway acknowledges that progress can happen only when respected individuals start pushing back against the status quo. She believes it is time for women to “get uncomfortable” and have real discussions about why they are not getting the same chances men get in the industry.

Redway began her career early, earning extra money to help her family when they emigrated from Jamaica by working in salons during her high school and college years. While she originally thought about becoming a publicist, her experiences working with photographers on shoots made her realize that she had found her calling. She loved being part of the process, she said, and “wanted more for myself.”

Redway is very aware of her ability to make an impact on the fashion industry, particularly in terms of the status of women of color. Historically, she said, women of color have been given a certain label like “the angry black girl, the difficult one, or a diva.” These are the labels put on women of color whenever they have a voice. While many women avoid situations where they might be so labeled, Redway says she has become comfortable speaking up and is now using her voice to challenge people to do the right thing. “You have to be a part of change, and that means you might damage a few relationships. But guess what? You don’t need to work with those people anyway.” Redway’s skills have led to her success, which allows her to make a difference in society. She is excited to be changing the narrative regarding people of color. According tp Redway. “Success is having the freedom to use your voice and to challenge people to make change.”

Lacy Redway studied at the Aveda Institute in Manhattan, and her demonstrated skill at working with all hair textures and her magnetic personality helped to boost her career and status in the beauty industry rapidly. Her clients have included Tessa Thompson, Laura Harrier, Priyanka Chopra, Anne Hathaway, Karlie Kloss, Sarah Paulson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ruth Negga, Gabrielle Union, and Diane Kruger, among many others. She has collaborated with photographers like Mike Rankin, Gavin Bond, Alexander Neumann, Warwick Saint, Ben Hassett, Michael Schwartz, Alexei Hay, Micaela Rossato, and Erik Madigan Heck, and her work has appeared in Allure, ELLE, Glamour, Teen Vogue, V Magazine, Vanity Fair, Vogue and Vogue Italia. She is a Celebrity Stylist for Nexxus. Redway is also on The Roots list of women who are changing glamour in the United States.

Information and Photo Source: Facebook, Glamour Magazine

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