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Good lawyer needed for grandchild seeking administration

Question: Dear Legal Wiz,
I have an attorney doing my administration application as my granddad did not die leaving a will. My mom, uncles and aunt won’t apply as they claim they don’t have the funds.
The thing is the lawyer in Jamaica seems clueless and he does not like asking questions. BUT as I already paid him his 150, 000 dollars upfront I just need some answers. Please agree to find out and get back to me. I am willing to pay for the research.

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Response: Dear Marvin,
The first thing is that in Jamaica, a grandchild cannot apply for administration without proper authority from the direct children. That is only facilitated in exceptional cases.
To go about applying one or all of the children need to give you power of attorney and then you would apply on that child of the defender’s behalf.
Talk back to your lawyer to see if he can prepare this document for your mom, uncles or aunt to sign for you to use.
To protect your dollars already spent you should consider speaking to the attorney to reach out to a senior and more experienced attorney.
Let us know how things went after the discussion.

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