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Guide to Jamaican Patois on Making Friends

Guide to Jamaican Patois on Making friends

If you are looking to meet friends on the island, you may want to learn a few phrases or sentences to make this process a smooth and enjoyable one.

“Nice fi meet yuh” – Pleased to meet you is uttered by locals after being introduced to someone.
Though its an island-wide phrase, you will find that is used more by the older folks and people from the rural communities.

“Wah yuh name?” – What is your name?
Getting to know someone, one of the first questions to ask is what their name is.

“Weh pawt yuh com from?” – where are you from?
Often times the question is asked in a bid to find out where an individual was born and raised.

“Wich pawt yuh family line come from?” – Where is your family from.
Asked when wanting to know where a person’s ancestors are from originally.

“Weh fi link up sum time, show yuh roun di place” – we should get together some time, I’ll show you around.
This is an invitation to show a person around the community or town; usually to show where important places may be found.

“How lang u deh ya?” – How long have you been here?
A person asking this question is trying to find out how long it has been since the “newcomer” has been around.

“Wi can be frens man!” – we can be friends!
An affirmation that a person is willing to be your friend

“Welcum man! Wi glad fi ave yuh aroun” – Welcome friend! We are glad to have you around.
A Jamaican may use this sentence when welcoming someone to a new place.

Information & Photo Source: Jamaicans.com Patois dictionary, Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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