The Hero & Zero Award of the Week ending June 15th, 2018 – Yanique the Curvy Diva & Jah Cure

Hero Yanique the Curvy Diva Crowned hot newcomer in Dancehal

Our hero of the week: Yanique the Curvy Diva Crowned hot newcomer in Dancehall

Hero Yanique the Curvy Diva Crowned hot newcomer in Dancehal

Yanique the Curvy Diva Crowned


Yanique the Curvy Diva is not just turning heads and creating controversy she is toping charts and setting trends on YouTube. In Less than a week the Curvy Diva song “unfair game” was sitting at number 1 with over 205,886 views. TV Host and author Jr Watkis posted on his Facebook that “The Jamaican public has crowned Yanique Curvy Diva the hot newcomer in music”. Based on the views and reactions she is getting. It’s definitely a good look for the Curvy Diva. This song is collaborated with I-Octane and the lovely “Curvy Diva” which is produced by Good Good Productions (c) 2018 Life’s Path Instrumental/Riddim.

 Our Zero of the week: Jah Cure cleared the air

 Our Zero of the week: Jah Cure cleared the air

Jah Cure

Jah Cure warns all promoters and disc jockeys to make sure their money is good because he doesn’t want to hear any BS. “Unnu see it say a riches me live so make sure you maintain that standard,” he added.

Reggae singer Jah Cure was the talk of the town this week when 2 videos that he made went viral. Trust me it’s not a good look for the artiste. I’m not sure if it is depression or just being hype. But I believe these artistes need good management not just to manage their career but their personal brand and image.

Cure also posted another audio of himself letting sound system selectors know that he will have his people box them down on the ground if they disrespect him.

“Soundman, producers, promoters be careful when you call my phone and email me,” Jah Cure said in another video. “I am not the [most broke] artist in the business. So make sure when you emailing me or calling my phone about dub plates, forty-five, stage shows make sure your money good because you see how I live.”

The memes where coming when he got knocked out in Bahamas. Hopefully we can move past this phase and he get a pass because cure is my artiste.

Photo Source: Instagram, Facebook

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