Homeless woman

Dedicate to all who face adversity

She holds her head up high
As frostbite, blisters

Blisters upon her feet
Reminding her
Of her struggle
Of her plight
In a wintery night
he feels the chills

Running down
Her spine
Has her tear
Become frozen
he keeps the vision
Of hope alive
And for a second,
he smells

The scent of spring
he heard the sound
Of joy
haring stories
Of her youth
Telling tales of love
he felt she never had
Beckoning, calling her spirit,
Flesh, to come closer
And for a moment
he forgot emptiness

For a moment
he forgot pain
For a moment
he felt serene
he felt happiness

Has she trod the earth
As she holds
Her head up high
For a moment
For a moment
For a moment
he reclaims back
Her integrity.

©2008 Maxine Foster

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