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Horror lines at Resident Magistrate Court in Jamaica

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I had a horror story experience at the Sutton Street court. The staff members at the court in Jamaica, were discourteous when I questioned why the line was not being attended to. One told me she was not working for me, so I told her I wasnt working for her either.
I waited for over 3 hours to be spoken to and then they told me to return another day. On the other day, I again waited in the information line before I got a ticket, and then had to wait for what seemed like another two hours to get my number called.
I called to speak with the Clerk of court and was told #he doesnt come to the front window.#
As frustrating as it is I must transact my business, but I am not impressed by the long wait and how these staff persons treat the general public. I wish to make suggestions.
Trevor Morrison


RESPONSE: Dear Trevor,
The best approach is to document what happened and take it to the Court management services in New Kingston. A copy of the letter can be sent to the Public Defender’s office and the Chief Justice whose office is at the Supreme Court.
Legal Wiz

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