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How can a US-based farm get farmworkers through the Jamaican government?


Dear Legal Wiz,

Based on the Treaty existing between the Ja govt and US Department re the farm work programme, how can a US-based farm partner with the Farm work programme already established by Jamaican government? Our intention is to hire qualified Jamaicans almost immediately, as opposed to being subjected to the two-year process by Florida before being allowed to hire such I nternational workers. Our produce comprise sorrel, peppers, pumpkin, cabbage, callaloo, seasoning.



First and foremostly, you must submit a letter to Ministry of Labour and Social Security, c/o the Minister. To date that person is Honourable Pearnel Charles
The address is :
1 F North Street
Following receipt of the email, the contents and company will be investigated, before any formal proposal/contract can be determined and made.


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