“Huawei taps into the LASCO Financial Services network”

LASCO Financial Services Limited (LFSL) is now the latest authorized distributor for HUAWEI Device Jamaica smart devices and accessories in the local telecoms retail industry.

This unique venture will provide another major avenue for Jamaican consumers to easily obtain HUAWEI smart mobile devices and accessories. In addition, the new independent retailer partnership will provide affordable Dual SIM, smart watches (Talkbands) as well as unlocked HUAWEI handsets to consumers. LASCO Financial Services Limited is one of two independent partners.

Initial setup is already underway at the LASCO Financial Services Red Hills Road location with select devices including some Dual SIM, smart wearables (Talkbands) units available for sale. The public can expect a full rollout of HUAWEI devices over the next two months at these and other LFSL agent locations.

“Huawei remains focused on our goal of providing ubiquitous connectivity and bringing a superior experience to everyone,” said Michael Zhang, Marketing Director, Huawei. “We are especially pleased that we can increase the opportunity for Jamaicans to be more connected with our device offerings, through LASCO Financial Services.”

Zhang continued: “The Huawei brand has climbed to now become the 3rd most recognised globally in mobile devices; and we have seen the response by Jamaicans to our devices has been continuously growing. We will continue to invest in the Jamaican market to meet the demand for the products that we offer to benefit the lives of our customers.”

“Through this partnership LFSL hopes to provide another avenue for Jamaicans to benefit from their new offering” remarked LASCO Financial Services’ Managing Director, Jacinth Hall-Tracey. She continued, “The aim is always to provide Jamaicans with an affordable and suitable solution as they venture further into the digital age through mobile devices. There is a synergy with the philosophy of both companies in providing everyday value to people and we look forward to providing the best value to Jamaicans”.