I am 100% Jamaican No Matter Where In The World I Am

Good morning, yesterday I wrote a few lines of Jimmy cliffs song ( I can see clearly now) in on a social media post and someone inboxes me, asking what I know about Jimmy Cliff?

We got into a conversation and wow, sir I told you that my post would be about our conversation, so let me break it down.
I am a Jamaican, born in Clarendon and raised in May Pen and St Ann.

I love my Country, People, and Culture. I am very proud of who I am and to tell you the truth I’ve come a long way. I know what it feels like to have, and I know what it feels like not to have. As a little girl, I had 2 pairs of shoes, one for school and the other for Church.

Like many Jamaicans, I migrated to England, the US Virgin Island then to Florida, where I’ve been living for 22 years. I am older, wiser and have a few scars here and there, but I am that same Jamaican girl from May Pen Clarendon.

I have been criticized many times about my Jamaican accent, people have asked me, how come you left Jamaica so long and you still have an accent? Well, I don’t want to lose my accent, it is who I am.

I am strong because I have the blood of Nanny of the maroons running through my vain. I am Oxtail, Ackee & Salt-fish, roast breadfruit, fry dumplings, yam & banana, and rundown with mackerel.

Sir, I am Miss Lou, Mass Ron, Oliver Samuels, Usain Bolt, Michael Manley, the Reggae Girls / Boys and more. I have been many places and spent time with people of different race and culture. For example years ago I went to Paris, I walked into a Cafe and I heard the music of Bob Marley playing.

I picked up my son and started dancing, a gentlemen came up to me and asked, if I was from Jamaica? 🇯🇲 And if I knew Bob Marley? All of a sudden I was the most interesting person in that Cafe.

Not to take away anything from other countries, but please understand that there’s something phenomenal about us.

My people, be proud of who you are!!! And like many of my friends and family who keep fighting and talking about our Country, I understand that we’re here but we left our heart in Jamaica. Sir, we don’t know each other, but I’ll tell you this, some days I still feel like that little girl running around in the Country.

I have more shoes now, but my heart is still the same. Here I am with Mr. Cliff the Legend, and my good friend Tanto Irie, Claudette and Bethany. A Hot 105 Studio Jam and interview that I’ll never forget. So in my thick Jamaican accent, “ah suh it guh” #cockpitcountrywarriors

Photo: 123rf