I didnt use the furniture and the Jamaican store seized it, but didnt refund payments

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I started payments for an item at a furniture store. Unfortunately I could not make the last two payments as I had to leave the island and I was low on funds. As soon as I came back the store came for the piece of furniture. I want to sue for my money because the furniture was basically stored at my apartment. I did not use the furniture and the store manager says he doesnt care, even though I told him of my situation.

I didnt sign an actual agreement so can you help me?

Marshall Brown

RESPONSE: Dear Marshall,

Your situation is unfortunate, but the reality is you did have their furniture and you did enter into an agreement with the store. You accepted their terms and started payments. We verified this based on the information you sent so therefore you will have difficulty claiming a refund.

Legal Wiz