“I like Being Jamaican Because of the Food!!!! ” – SMILE JAMAICA PHOTOS

We have started a feature “Smile Jamaica” to highlight some positives about Jamaica. This week we ask  “What about being Jamaican makes you smile?” “What about Jamaica do you miss?”

I like Being Jamaican Because of the Food

Jerk-Festival-South-Florida-2014 001-smile-jamaica

The One thing I miss about Jamaica is Royal Blu

Jerk-Festival-South-Florida-2014 004-smile-jamaica

Mi Miss Jamaican Party Bad!!! Please take me home 🙁

Jerk-Festival-South-Florida-2014 005-smile-jamaica

The “Smile Jamaica” series is open to anyone who loves Jamaica and/or Jamaicans.

If you would like to participate in this series :

1) Send comments or write on a white board/Poster your answer to the following question: “What about Jamaica or Jamaicans Make you Smile”?” Please DO NOT write a  simple one liner  “the people” or “the food” or the “the beach” For ideas, see the other photos in this series.

2) Send an email to [email protected] titled “Smile Jamaica” with your smiling photo attached and please include the city/country where you live, and your name.

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