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Business Marriage VS Presidential Executive Order – Memoirs of An Illegal Alien Part 107

I was now convinced I was living with Satan’s daughter. After the incident where Juliet followed me and saw me with Nicola she demanded more money for the business marriage. She said I had agreed to not see Nicola and I was still seeing her. She threatened to move out and call the whole thing off if I did not give her more money. In fact she requested that I give her some of the money before the wedding.

She failed to mention that she now had a boyfriend and that could jeopardize everything.

What about your boyfriend

Don’t worry about that. I will be more discreet once we get married.

I should have followed my mother’s advice and stop this madness. Now I was too deep into this. There was no turning back. I would have to meet her demands. The green card was too important to me.


As I stepped into the house the phone rang.

I rushed in the house to pick it up.

It was Amy, my half sister that my father would not recognize.

It was great to hear from her. We had not spoken in over 2 years. In the little time we had spent together I really grew fond of her. At first I thought she was calling from Jamaica. She later explained she was in Palm Beach going to college. Did not realize she was that close.

I heard you are getting married?

How did she know this? I thought to myself. Then I became clear. Word gets around quickly in Jamaica especially in the “helper” network. My mom probably told one of her helpers who probably told Amy’s mother, who told her.

“Who did you hear the news from?” I asked.

“My mother,” she replied. Giving me confirmation of what I thought.

Then she asked the question I feared would be next.

“I am just up the road can I come,” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

She had a right to be there. She was my sister. I often thought about what she had been through growing up without a father. She wanted to connect. It was like me being a part of America but not really recognized as I was illegal.

We chatted some more on how she was adjusting and how school was going.

I gave her my mobile phone number before we hung up.

That’s when it hit me.

Inviting her was going to be awkward for my family. I could sit her in the back but that say she is not family. I would have to call my mother to add her to the list. My mother would freak out as Amy would be a reminder of one of my father’s many affairs. My sisters did not like her. My father did not recognize her. I was the only one that recognized her and had been communicating with her. I did not want this added tension to this wedding. I already had resistance from all ends.

I would have to call her back and “un-invite” her. I had to do it quick because women spend a lot for weddings, buying dresses etc. I got an instant headache.

That evening I handed Juliet an envelope with the extra money she demanded.

My headache got worse.


Donesha and I had not spoken in a while. She adamantly disagreed with me getting married to Juilet. She thought I was making a big mistake. She cared a lot about me and was upset with my decision. Even though I did not say it to her I thought she was being a hypocrite. She did the same thing.

She left a message on my phone. She asked me to call her back. I was not in the mood to hear more negativity.


“About the wedding,” I was having a conversation with Amy.

“What about the wedding?” she asked.

“My fiancé asked that I not add anyone else,” I told her. I came up with a plan to blame it on Juliet.

“But I am your sister” she stated, sounding disappointed.

“I know but she had a guest list planned and the caterer closed it.” I replied.

“But it is your wedding too, you should get a say” she replied.

She was hinting “do you wear the pants in this relationship”. My manhood was being questioned.

“I will discuss it with her and let you know,” I replied. I had no intent on calling her back till after the wedding.


The phone rang at 6:00 am in the morning. It was my mother.

“Are you still going to get married,?” she asked.

I was still asleep and wondered if she knew about Juliet’s demand for more money. There is no way she could have known. Juliet and I spoke about it 3 days ago and it would be silly of her to involve my mother.

“Why are you asking me that?”  I asked my mother

“Haven’t you been watching the news?” she asked.

I hadn’t been watching the news lately. I was tired of the same stories been circulated on the news. The local news was all bad news with robberies and murders. I used to hear people say Jamaica has too much crime. They need to see the South Florida news to see crime. The area seemed to be a magnet for all criminals.

“No mummy, I did not hear the news” awaiting her revelation. In Jamaica they could watch 2 Miami local channels and CNN so my mother kept up on US news.

Another farfetched thought ran through my mind. Was Juliet arrested and on the news?

“The President is about to make an announcement on immigration that will affect all illegal aliens.”

For months there was talk about something like this happening but I did not want to take a chance on waiting.

“I am still going through with the marriage.” I replied.

My mother’s mood changed. She abruptly got off the phone.


The next day I got a call from Rosa. I expected it. If my mother could not convince me to do something she would call Rosa to have her try.

“I know you are anxious to get your green card but why don’t you postpone the wedding to a later date and hear what the President had to say this week?” she asked.

“No” I replied. She had her chance to help me but did not. She was probably right. I should wait on the President’s speech but I was tired of all the pressure. I could also postpone after the president’s speech. There was no need to rush.


Next up was Donesha. She stopped by the store. I was able to walk outside to talk to her.

“Did you hear what the President is about to do.” she asked me.

“Yes, I heard” I replied.

“This could help you,” Donesha said with a smile.

“Yes but we don’t know the details and if I will qualify. I had went on the Internet to try and find information. In fact the details won’t come for months according to information I have been reading”, I responded.

The information on the presidential executive order was vague but it seemed I could be covered. One of the criteria that was mentioned in the news was that the undocumented person had to be in the country over 5 years, no criminal record in the USA, no criminal record in their country of origin, paid taxes and a willingness to pay a fine. There were a few other details to come but it seemed I may qualify. I still did not want to take the chance.

“You could postpone after you hear the details,” She replied.

“Yes, I could,” I replied.

She smiled. She was happy to hear there was a chance the wedding would be called off.


As I opened the door to the house there was something different. I could not put my finger on it but something was different. Julie’s room door was closed as usual. I went about my home routine as usually. Had dinner watched a game on TV and went to bed.

It was 2 days with an eerie silence in the house. I kept listening to hear any signs of Juliet in the house. There was nothing.
I was not going to call her as she may be with her boyfriend.

On day 3 the eerie silence was still there. The door was still closed. It was our supermarket day. The one day we promised to make an appearance like a couple in public. It was an excuse to find out what was going on.

I knocked on the door. No one was there. I then took a quick glance at Juliet’s bathroom. The door was slightly ajar. I looked inside and got the surprise of my life.

The bathroom was empty. All Juliet’s stuff was gone. There was nothing on top or in the vanity.

I was now in a panic. I turned back to her room door and opened it. The room was empty. That eerie feeling that had been haunting me for days was an empty house.

I was frozen. I did not know what to do next. Juliet took my money and left. I was ambivalent.  I was angry and disappointed. I was not sure how to react. My life was about to become a mess that I may never recover from. There was also a sense of relief that I was not marrying “satan’s daughter” anymore, but I had not hope for a green card in the near future. I would have to start all over again, saving money and finding a “business marriage” candidate.

Then it hit me. There was hope. The President was going to give a speech this week on his executive order on immigration.


I called my mother to tell her the news. She was surprised and tried to console me. She also sounded a bit relieved as she encouraged me to wait on what the President was going to announce. She told me not to worrying about calling around to tell everyone the wedding was off. She would take care of it.

My father called a day later. It was rare for him to call. He mentioned nothing about the cancellation wedding. But then he said something strange

“I hope the money your mother transferred this week will help with the immigration application for the amnesty,” he stated. It was almost like he was looking for a confirmation of the transaction. I did not respond at first.

Then I said “Yes”. I was giving my mother some “cover”.

It now made sense. My mother has paid off Juliet to cancel the wedding. I had also given her more than half of the total “fee” so it seems she made off like a “bandit”.

I was angry at my mother; however I was going to wait on the President’s executive order before I say anything.


The last few days were the most anxious of my life. I had bottled all my anger inside with the “marriage” debacle as today would be redemption. I had started watching the news and everything leading to the announcement today seemed positive.

I sat in front of the TV waiting. They introduced the President and he came out to the podium.  

I listened earnestly as he spoke about the US being a country of immigrants and that there would be no way to deport the many undocumented workers in the country. He expressed his frustration with the congress for not passing a bill to resolve the project. Then he gave a basic outline of the policy. I was smiling as he spoke. He gave the cut of year for those who qualify. It was the year I entered the US. The relief was temporary but based on the news commentators chances are that it would never be rolled back.

Everyone was right. No business marriage needed. My future looked bright.

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