Immigration Q & A: I was caught with a small amount of marijuana, can I become a US citizen?

I was caught with a small amount of marijuana 30 years ago and was convicted. I had a green card and never tried to get my US citizenship. Can you become a US citizen if you have criminal record? – Johnny

Remember that becoming a Citizen through naturalization is a privilege not a right. At the end of the day the USCIS has the discretion on granting this privilege. That being said, with regards to committing a crime, there is an automatic bar if you have committed murder or an aggravated felony. Either is a deportable offence.The commission of a crime is viewed by the USCIS to determine the moral character of a person being reviewed. This being said you might be able to apply for your citizenship and be successful as this is thirty years later. They will look on what you have done since then to rehabilitate your life and dependent on the gravity of the crime and what you have done since then you should have a good chance of getting your citizenship.

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