Message from the Consul General of Jamaica, Miami on the occasion of Jamaica’s 53rd Anniversary of Independence

It is once again a pleasure to greet you at this time of celebration, when we commemorate Jamaica’s birth as an independent nation. Over the years, we have made an indelible mark on the global community, through our many achievements in various spheres of activity and through our impact on the countries in which Jamaicans have adopted as home. This stands as a shining testament to the creativity, talent, determination and indomitable spirit of Jamaicans.

​Jamaica has been called a borderless country, and while we have a geographically defined location in the Caribbean Sea, migration has ensured that our influence is flung far and wide across; the globe and the members of the Jamaican communities overseas, our Diaspora, have played a significant role in this process.

​As many of you recall, in June of this year, Jamaica hosted the 6th Biennial Diaspora Conference which served to bring together over two thousand participants from Jamaica and countries around the world, to investigate and consider joint activities to realize the theme of the Conference “Jamaica and its Diaspora: Linking for Growth and Prosperity”. The implementation of the recommendations emanating from the deliberations will serve to strengthen the bonds of partnership and to inculcate a sense of a common purpose among Jamaicans wherever they may reside.

​Therefore, as we observe this milestone of the 53rdAnniversary of Independence, I wish to acknowledge the immense contribution of the Jamaican Diaspora to the building of strong communities overseas, for their enduring support of Jamaica and for flying the flag of Jamaica proudly in their adopted countries.

​As we observe this defining moment in the life of Jamaica and Jamaicans, let us honour our forefathers as we continue our combined efforts to build a legacy for which they, and ourselves, can be proud.

​Happy Independence, and may God continue to bless Jamaica, Land We Love.

Franz Hall
Consul General of Jamaica

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