The Insider Lists Jamaica’s Christmas Cake among the 22 Best Holiday Desserts in the World

Jamaica Christmas Cake Fruit Cake

Every country has its own traditional foods associated with holidays, and Insider.com has provided a list of the best of these unique dessert offerings from around the world, and Jamaica’s traditional rum-soaked Christmas Cake made the list. The island’s Christmas celebrations would not be complete with the “boozy” treat, which also contains an assortment of dried fruits. Also known as “Black Cake,” the fruit is often soaked in a mixture of port and rum. This a serious cake and illustrates how seriously Jamaicans take Christmas because it requires considerable planning and preparation. Pounds of dried prunes, raisins, cherries and others must be obtained months in advance to ensure sufficient “soaking time” in the wine and rum. Often served with a glass of sorrel, Jamaican Christmas Cake keeps Jamaicans around the world linked to their home island at the holidays.

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