Interview Jollywood Productions, Kanhai Condison

This week we interview Kanhai Condison, CEO of the Jamaican based, Jollywood Productions. Started in 2008, the main goal of the company is to HELP build the FIlm/Acting Industry in Jamaica. They have releases a set of short films online  with Jamaican actors. They are currently working on a few feature films ( God’s Window, Snow, I Sleeper, Broken, Parallel Points and The Cycle) to be released in 2012 and 2013. Jollywood Productions have six sections; Jollywood ENTERTAINMENT, Jollywood FILMS, Jollywood MAGAZINE, Jollywood MERCHANDISE, Jollywood TALENT and Jollywood TV.  They recently released a  series of online clips on Youtube and Facebook with rehearsal footage from their up-coming local TV series, S.L.E.E.PERS .  Here is our conversation with Kanhai Condison.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and how you got started as a CEO of a production company? Where did it all begin?
My background is modeling. I stated modeling here, Jamaica, in the 1995. During that time I was modeling and working a normal job. Modeling took me around the world, well most places. Places I have lived and worked are; UK, USA, CANADA, PARIS, South Africa and NIGERIA. Travelling to these places and meeting different people gave me the confidence to start JOLLYWOOD PRODUCTIONS.

The word ‘JOLLYWOOD’ is registered to me, here in JAMAICA. Hence, CEO & Founder.

What kind of films can we expect from the Jollywood production team?
Films you can expect from Jollywood Productions are Films that will appeal to all and reach across borders.

Has the world economic recession affected your plans?

Jollywood Productions is in a building process. Which mean we are dotting all the ‘I’s and crossing all the ‘T’s. To build ‘brand’ JOLLYWOOD will take time and patience. We are here for the long haul. So challenges will come and go. It’s apart of this business.

This may be a stereotype however Jamaicans and Caribbean people seem to think that only Hollywood can produce top quality films. How will Jollywood Productions make top films with commercial appeal to the Caribbean audience?
Jamaica and the Caribbean are familiar with seeing Hollywood Movies. That doesn’t mean that ALL Hollywood movies are top movies. Some good movies have come out of Bollywood. Bollywood generate more income yearly than Hollywood. So in that arena, Bollywood is winning. The Hollywood market is the more recognize market. But the Bollywood and Nollywood movies still have world appeal and that include Jamaican and Caribbean people. Jollywood will make the Action, Drama, Suspense, SyFy and Horror movies. Because those movies are great to watch. What will separate a Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and Jollywood is each will allow people to see abit of each culture in the movie. You know a Bollywood, Hollywood and Nollywood movie when you see it. Jollywood want to also have that distinction.

Is  Jollywood associated with established Jamaican actors?
Jollywood Productions have a link to most Jamaican Actors. Jollywood want to build a ‘bridge’ that will allow Jamaican Actors to link with International Actors/Directors/Producers and Writers. But for now Jollywood has no real link with any ‘International’ Actor.

Do you plan to recruit experienced, recognizable actors for future films?
Jollywood Productions will soon represent Jamaican Actors. This means, Jollywood Productions CEO& Founder, Kanhai Condison, will become a AGENT for Jamaican Actors. Some Jamaican Actors figure they don’t need an agent. To go international, they will need an agent. Jollywood is ready to sign/represent any Jamaican Actor. The first step begins with the Actors themselves.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the projects you are working on right now? Are there any future projects that you would like to make mention of?  What are your long term plans for Jollywood Production? What sort of things can we expect to see from you guys in the future?
What JOLLYWOOD PRODUCTIONS is working on right now is S.L.E.E.PERS TV series. Which Jollywood Productions want to have on local TV by Dec, 2011. Jollywood Productions is also working on building JOLLYWOOD JAMAICA Facebook page. Jollywood Jamaica Facebook page is a promotional page for Actors, Writers, Directors, Talent, Models, Etc.

Jollywood Productions also started on Jollywood Jamaica Facebook page, JOLLYWOOD TV. Jollywood TV is a interview program for Actors, Writers, etc. Jollywood Productions want to get JOLLYWOOD TV on Local TV. JOLLYWOOD TV will be the place local/international production houses can come and PLUG their up-cominbg Production.

What is Jollywood’s  philosophy on  filmmaking? Is it more a business or a creative process?
Jollywood Productions philosophy on the ‘Industry’ is; BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME.

Jollywood Productions see this Industry are a ‘Business and a Creative process’. The two go hand in hand.  Jollywood Productions philosophy on ‘Film Making’ is ; THEY MUST KNOW WHERE THIS MOVIE CAME FROM. Jollywood Productios MOTTO is; “VISION, WE see what YOU don’t”

Finally, what advice would you give to a someone who wants to get started in Entertainment production?
Just start!!! Dont let fear stop you from dreaming or starting. The world is not looking for any ‘sleeping giants.’

To learn more about about Jollywood vister their youtube page or facebook page.