Interview With Vas Blackwood, Creator and Owner of

Pepper: How did you get started in web publishing? What motivated you to start

Vastaman: I used to write a satirical column called VASTAMAN-VIBRATIONS for the UK based paper called The Voice. I wrote the column for 7 years and it gained cult status. Nuff bawdy tales about everyday life written with Jamaican twang and Classy English. After leaving The VoiceI felt the I need to hit the next level, CYBER-SPACE…Reach the WORLD. Mek dem noh wah gwaan!

Pepper: What challenges have you faced getting the site started? What (if any) challenges do you face in the routine maintenance of the site?

Vastaman: The only challenge I have with the site is making sure Jah gives me health fi write pon my Laptop. You must plan before you venture into anything. I spent 3 years just planning how I was going to project VASTAMAN on the internet. People had no idea what I was dealing with but I knew it was original. I also acquired an excellent IT crew, “GRINLOCK”, they believed in the concept and moved on from there. If I have a IT-Problem GRINLOCK assists.

Pepper: How did you come up with the idea for Are the characters based on people you know?

Vastaman: I made all the characters up from my head. If you check it out everybody can relate to all characters in CHOCO-BLOCKO. The idea for the site is just an organic process from my mind, ever growing, and lots more to come.

Pepper: Did you create the artwork on the site, and did you do the voice-overs?

Vastaman: My artist Big-John Harrison drew the pictures based on my rough drawings and after discussing the lifestyle of the characters, Big-John went off and did his thing. Four voice overs are performed by me, the others are by professional actors.

Pepper: What are your future plans for the site? Where do you see it going?

Vastaman: Presently I can only foresee myself dealing with the VASTAMAN-CONCEPT strictly. VASTAMAN has certain levels/goals which I’ve set and I must deal with them. Like everything in life, one ting at a time.

Pepper: Do you have any advice for aspiring web publishers?

Vastaman: Any aspiring website people….I-man say “Go for it and do your ting” There’s cyber-space for everyone not just BILL GATES.

Pepper: Where in Jamaica are you from?

Vastaman: I am from Manchester and I have a house in Ocho-Rios. I try to get down to yawd twice every year, but it’s been hard with work, pickney and ting an ting, yu done noh.

Pepper: You are a man of many talents, please tell me a bit about your acting career. How did you get started in the business?

Vastaman: I’ve been a Actor now for 20 years. It’s what I do. I fly the flag for all Jamaican and English-Jamaican Actors.

Pepper: Why did you choose acting and please tell us about your role in the soon to be released “Rollin with the Nines”

Vastaman: My next movie ROLLIN WITH THE NINES is gonna be my greatest role yet! Check out the website . Is pure gun shot and ting, but it also has a positive message. It’s a movie England and the rest of the world have been waiting for. Sound track is tuff!! Sizzler deh pon it and nuff more. Jamaicans in England get the blame for nuff gun crimes but it’s really the black-english pickney weh ah cause di problems and dis ya movie proves this. I was also in “Lock Stock and Smoking Barrels” and dat mash up di place. If you wanna see I-man full acting credit’s then go to and punch in Vas Blackwood.

Pepper: Do you play video games, if so which are your favorites?

Vastaman: Yes, Knock-out Kings.

Pepper: On behalf of thanks for providing us with this interview. Do you have any closing thoughts for the readers of

Vastaman: YES! Yes never carry man over Mountain . One love to all at JAMAICANS.COM. Keep up the VASTAMAN.COM support. Ah Fi Yu!!

Vas Blackwood can be contacted at [email protected] . Please visit his Weblog at .