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Jamaica – Island Paradise

Take time out to travel around and across the island, observe the landscape – mountains, hills, plains and valleys; the variety of vegetation and the beautiful beaches and more than 100 rivers throughout the land. The many breathtaking sceneries.

I have travelled to many countries, large and small and todate I have not come across anywhere else to match this paradise, called Jamaica. I invite all Jamaicans to visit other countries and make comparison and you will no doubt agree with my assessment. I also invite non-jamaicans to visit this “piece of Heaven”, Jamaica, then compare and I am sure, without bias, you will agree.

Jamaicans, one and all, you are blessed. Give God thanks for this beautiful Island Paradise, treasure it, build on your moral and spiritual values – loving and caring for each other; putting away selfishness and greed, work hard, with a solemn pledge to do your best at all times, and with God as your guide, you must succeed. God loves you – go forward with assurance. Comments: Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Need I say more?

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