The Jamaican Dancehall Girl

On weekends girls go to the clubs in town.
Guys prowl the parking lots for dates.
Some girls turn heads, some get asked to dance and decline.

When the music is its loudest, the night begins to shine.
Tension rises with the tempo of the drums.
A girl walks by, straight to the dance floor.
An exotic beauty, she knows every step, she owns all attention.

She shakes and swings, men brace their courage.
She looks no one in the eye, but all eyes are on her.
Panic sets in as the music fades.

Take the hand of the Jamaican girl or regret yourself.
Last chance to claim your destiny.
The sun begins to rise, hearts break.

The dance hall girl is just a memory.
On the dance floor, her footprints are all that is left.
Imagine her kiss feel her hug.
Standing alone on the dance floor.

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