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Jamaica and Basketball…It is time to WAKE UP

After the Olympics many promises were made public by Jamaica of them was to make new policies and attempts to grow off the success of the Olympics in sports such as golf, tennis etc…I am encouraging Jamaica and its sports officials to WAKE UP.  Wake up this morning and view the International papers that speak of the massive tourist success BASKETBALL is making by islands hosting American college teams competing.  Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Hawaii and the sorts host basketball events that are very successful in various ways…I don’t think any of these islands carry the beauty that Jamaica does.

In addition…basketball is the fastest growing sport in the world.  The sport of basketball is presently being played by more Jamaicans in the Northeastern parts of United States than ever.  As Director of Basketball for Tournament of Champions, INC since 1992, I have seen some of the most talented scholastic basketball players in Florida-New York-New Jersey, etc and they are JAMAICANS.  Most if not all high school teams in talent rich South Florida is lead by a Jamaican player and believe me when I say they are very talented and BIG.  The United States of America #2 ranked player is a Jamaican.  Florida State University is lead by a Jamaican.

Jamaica must STOP ignoring this sport and open up your national stadium to events, clinics, camps and appearances of NBA players.  No other island is visited by more NBA players than Jamaica.

This summer hundreds of thousands of basketball camps were held in South Florida…in affluent areas such as Miramar and Pembroke Pines…the vast majority of campers boys and girls were JAMAICANS.

Anyone ever surveyed the Miami Heat fan base in South Florida…watched by more JAMAICANS than any other Caribbean people.

Two of the best high school players in South Florida…see Boyd Anderson high in Lauderdale Lakes and Dr. Michael Krop High in Miami.  See two youngmen 6″9″ and they are JAMAICANS.

One of the best college basketball coaches in America…Georgia Tech Paul Hewitt…JAMAICAN.

For the life of me I cannot understand why Jamaica will NOT accept, award and acknowledge one of the 50 greatest basketball players in the history of the sport…AMERICA HAS. JAMAICAN IN PATRICK EWING?.

Jamaica…basketball is awaiting you.  Open up and receive its tourist dollars and world audience.

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