Jamaica Featured in New York Daily News

Port Royal, Jamaica - Photo by Jen Ficklin

Some of Jamaica’s many hidden treasures were featured in the New York Daily News, which described locations of interest to visitors that can be found away from the beaches. Acknowledging that most tourists think of the beach when they think of Jamaica, the article highlights the memorable experiences that can be enjoyed in places like Kingston where the author took part in the Kingston City Run, New Kingston City, Port Royal, the Bob Marley Museum, and Devon House. Special mention was made of opportunities to enjoy Jamaican food, specifically mentioning having a meal at Scotchies, an outdoor jerk restaurant, which offers, in addition to jerk pork, chicken and fish, traditional Jamaican dishes like festival, a fried dumpling, and bammy, a flatbread made of cassava. Also mentioned in the article were the Strawberry Hill Hotel and a trip to the Blue Mountains to savor some of Jamaica’s world-renown coffee.

Photo Source: Jen Ficklin

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