Kingston Comes Alive with the Jamaica Film Festival July 7 – 11, 2015 : “Art Meets Business”

The Jamaica Film Festival, scheduled to be held in Kingston, July 7 – 11, 2015, is shaping up to be an exciting one, which will showcase the talents of the best and brightest in the Jamaican film industry. The festival promises to be a dynamic cinematic and cultural event, featuring both local and international movies.

There will also be a music day, to include: workshops; and a live reggae concert, at the Tuff Gong International Recording Studios. An exclusive beach party is planned for Saturday, which is geared to be a celebration of “fun in the sun,” against the visual bliss of the majestic Blue Mountains, as a backdrop in the distance.

The city of Kingston will come alive as the patrons of the festival enjoy the unique opportunity to experience why the Jamaican culture is so infectious. The capital city offers unparalleled culinary experiences; a vibrant nightlife; museums and galleries rich in culture; as well as, the warm hospitality of the Jamaican people.

Kingston boasts restaurants owned by and named after three of our iconic sports superstars, including Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records, Courtney Walsh’s Cuddy’z and Chris Gayle’s Triple Century. In addition, the metropolis is home to the fourth best place to have ice cream in the world, available at Devon House.  This Great House was built in the late 19th century as the residence of the first Black Jamaican millionaire; and, it is a masterpiece of Caribbean Victorian architecture and elegance.

Jamaica is also home to the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee and Reggae Music, therefore, Kingston’s energy and vibe will revitalize anyone. And, as a city with the seventh largest harbour in the world and numerous historic sites, Kingston has a variety of unforgettable experiences to offer, visitors and production crews that will last a lifetime.


The festival seeks to promote Jamaica as a location, which is more than a magnificent backdrop.  And, will reveal that the country is currently experiencing a creative revolution; given its recognition as the cultural powerhouse of the Caribbean, producing outstanding cinematic creative products of international standard; with its breath-taking locations; state-of-the-art technical services, and a wealth of local talent.

These attributes have led to a deeper focus in the development of local creative industries, in particular film, with the goal of becoming one of the regional thought leaders in the industry. Therefore, our objective is to position Jamaica as the regional hub for creative talent and services; and, hosting a bona fide national film festival will assist us to solidify the directions and growth necessary.

The island is home to five production houses, each with more than four decades of experience in film and video production; and their technical skills are considered to be of world and industry standards. Our technical expertise ranges from world-renowned directors to the warmth and hospitality of our drivers, all of whom maintain the passion and desire to make crews comfortable during their work in Jamaica.

Jamaican television has also evolved; and continues to produce relevant, entertaining and engaging content. Home to one of the longest running soap operas in the English-speaking Caribbean, Royal Palm Estate/The Blackburns has set the island’s TV industry leagues ahead in the region. And, the industry continues to create shows that appeal to an international audience.

On the cusp of five feature films being released during the past three years–Better Mus Come, Rise Up, Ghett’a Life, One People and Ring Di Alarm— Jamaica’s emerging film industry has been given new life. As a result, more local content productions are being distributed internationally in the United Kingdom; throughout other countries in Europe; as well as, in South Africa and Japan.

Consequently, the growth of the international film industry has set the stage for Jamaicans to further develop as content creators; and the opportunity for our talent to be in high demand worldwide.

Carole Beckford
Film Commissioner/Creative Industries Manager
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