Jamaica has Reopened: 10 Things to Know Before Traveling

The COVID-19 pandemic closed national borders around the world, including in the Caribbean. Jamaica has reopened and has put in place a stringent set of regulations of which travelers should be aware. The nation is leading the way in implementing protocols to maintain the safety of guests in a post-pandemic environment.

There are some precautions that anyone should take before traveling and that includes speaking with their physician, particularly if they have underlying health conditions. It’s imperative that individuals follow the protocols that Jamaica has put in place and research local restrictions for the destination of choice.

Jamaica is working arduously to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and has created an extensive guide for establishments in the hospitality industry to which they must adhere. The opening is being conducted in phases and protocols will be updated as needed. The following are 10 things to know before traveling to Jamaica.

1. Jamaica is now open to all international travelers.

2. Everyone entering Jamaica will be tested for COVID-19 to manage and mitigate risk of any potential outbreaks.

3. A curfew of 10 p.m.-5 a.m. is in place through June 30.

4. Tourism is being limited to an area designated as a COVID-19 Resilient Corridor from Negril to Port Antonio on the coast.

5. Travelers will undergo a health screening procedure upon arrival for their risk of transmitting the virus, including a temperature check.

6. A pre-travel registration form Travel Authorization, along with an immigration and customs form, will be required for anyone entering the country. Travelers need to print it out and carry it with them – it will be required before boarding flights.

7. Those with a substantial risk factor will be asked not to visit. Anyone arriving with potential symptoms of the virus will be quarantined, as will anyone developing symptoms while visiting.

8. Social distancing will be in effect at hotels, restaurants, beaches and other locations.

9. Parties and gatherings are limited to 10 people or less.

10. Face masks are mandatory in public.

Jamaica has Reopened 10 Things to Know Before Traveling

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