Jamaica is listed among the top 5 in Latin America with highest Uber user ratings

Jamaica is listed among the top 5 in Latin America with highest Uber user ratings

The lessor partners of the Uber app in Latin America have recognized Jamaica as one of the countries with the highest-rated users. The user rating is the average of ratings from the last 500 leases made. Jamaica was also ranked second among Caribbean nations. According to Uber, its rating system is crucial in the maintenance of high service levels and making improvements in the overall experience of lessor partners and users.

The Uber app was launched in 2010 to facilitate obtaining a lease. The app now has some 15 million leases and continues to create products designed to help people reach their desired locations. The app is available in more than 10,000 cities around the world on six continents and in 76 countries. It has been available in Jamaica since June 2021 in Kingston, St. Andrew, and St. Catherine.

Uber recently shared tips on ways to improve user ratings which means it is possible to improve ratings gradually by providing a “considerate experience” in future leases. The best way to achieve this goal is to understand the chief reasons lessor partners give a trip a five-star rating. The elements required include:

  1. Being on time and ready when the lessor partner arrives. If users know that they will be delayed or must cancel the lease, they should notify the lessor partner in a timely fashion.
  2. Training the lessor partner and vehicles respectfully by not slamming doors, for example.
  3. Handling route changes appropriately when adding or changing a destination. This must always be done through the app so that users can see the suggested price of the change in advance, and the lessor partner takes extra time into account.
  4. Helping lessor partners keep their vehicles clean; not leaving garbage in the car.
  5. Making sure that the pick-up point and destination are correct as the lessor partner appreciates it if users help them avoid locations that are inappropriate for getting on and off.

Users can discover their rating by doing the following:

Access the “Profile” or “Account” section

Choose the “Privacy Center” option

In the app’s main menu, choose “Settings,” then “Privacy” and “Privacy Center.”

In “Privacy Center”, swipe to right and select the option to view a summary of “how you use the Uber app.”

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