Jamaica Travel Advice Q & A: I want to experience the Jamaican culture and history

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email: I am going to Jamaica for 20 days & will drive around the island. I want to know the must see places to stop at during my travel around the island. Not interested in the touristy stuff….want to experience the culture and history.

T, Thomas – The Rock where 7 river heads meet.

M. McLeod – Visit the deep rural countryside and the inner cities…..diverse cultures in both areas!

L. Ade – Passa Passa! Kingston Harbour! Coronation Market especially on a saturday! Link someone who live in a ghetto! Run a boat! Find a river, catch 2 fish! Visit somebody’s granny inna di country! Climb 2 mango tree, learn to cook ackee and saltfish! Stop a road side and buy piece a chicken from Jerky! Buy piece a cane from caney lol

A. Williams – Green Grotto Cave, Rose Hall Great House, Devon House, Two Sister Cave, Bog Walk Gorge, Blue Mountain, Port Royal, Bob Marley Museum, Emancipation Park, Heroes Circle. And lots more places!:-)

M. Wallace – There are so many not tourists Places, so many Falls other that the Famous DUNNS RIVER FALLS,

P. Brown  – Stay at someone’s home not hotel and hang with the locals sometimes. No all inclusive hotels.

M.  Wallace – Show them all the Railway Station from Kingston to Montego Bay, Kendall where there was that terriblw Train Crash Many, Many years ago, Reach Falls in Portland. Warika Hill where the Hot Steppers usually hide out. The One Eyed Jack cave out a Portland, the Penis and the PU88Y rock on the Bog Walk Gorge, take them to RAE TOWN at Alma,s Oldies Session. Let them taste Roast Fish straight from the sea on the Zink wid fire under it, and a BIG GLASS a WASH. Nuff things fi share.  


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