Travel Advice Q & A: What’s your ‘must-have" dish when you visit Jamaica?

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email:  Help answer a Jamaica Travel question from an email we received: What’s your ‘must-have” dish when you visit Jamaica?. Any suggestions?

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Breadfruit with ackee & saltfish – C. Lewis Roast

Roast breadfruit  – E. Utz

Ackee and salt , roast yam some crab – P. James-Ricketts

Oh an jerk chicken, da spicier da betta  – E. Utz

Oxtail n beans/Ackee n saltfish/Jerk pork n festival  – D. StarGirl

Jerk chicken!!!! Nothing else is needed except maybe a pattie – R. McNeil

Jerk pork, roast yam & saltfish – A. Edwards

Callaloo & roast breadfruit (in season), curry chicken & punkin’rice…jerk chicken  – G. Crowe

Breadfruit, ackee and saltfish  – B. Palmer

Stew peas, curry goat, and port royal steam fish an bammy  – D.Van

Roast breadfruit, meat pattie and jerk chicken..yummy 🙂 – A.Crawl

Jerk chicken, papaya, mango and a dirty banana! – M. Gevirtz

Anything and everything from Ultimate Jerk Center and of course Ackee and Saltfish every morning! – J. Smothers

Jerk Chicken  – S. Gardner-Robinson

Breadfruit  – G. Sint

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