Jamaican-American Congresswoman Urging Caribbean nationals to apply for US citizenship before year-end

Jamaican-American Congresswoman Urging Caribbean Nationals to Apply for US Citizenship

Jamaican-American Yvette Clarke, who represents the 9th District of New York in the United States Congress, has urged Caribbean nationals to apply for US citizenship before December 23, 2016, when a number of fees will rise. According to Clarke, there are significant benefits to citizenship, including the right to vote and legal protections in interactions with law enforcement and the court system. Additionally, citizenship make it possible “to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor,” Clarke said. Clarke is the daughter of Dr. Una St. Clarke, Jamaican-born councilor who immigrated to the US. She represents a district that includes many immigrants from countries around the world. Clarke noted that her staff is available to help individuals interested in making citizenship applications by monitoring the status of applications and providing referrals to local organizations that help with completing paperwork.

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