Jamaican-Born Nurse Awarded Honorary Visiting Professorship at University of London

Nichole McIntosh, a nurse, writer, motivational speaker, and podcaster, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the United Kingdom, and she has been awarded an honorary visiting professorship at the University of London for 2022.

McIntosh was born and raised in Jamaica and is immensely proud of her Maroon heritage. In 2019 she launched her “Maroon Mindset” podcast, which was named one of the 15 best nursing podcasts in the UK in 2021 and one of the best 20 UK motivational podcasts that same year.

As a registered adult nurse, McIntosh holds numerous academic qualifications, which include a BS degree with honors in Public Administration and Health Studies, an MS degree in Social Research Methods and Health Studies, an MS degree in Nursing Research and Practice Development, and diplomas in Business Administration (Marketing) and Higher Education (Nursing).

McIntosh has worked for the UK’s National Health Service for more than 20 years. She currently serves as the Regional Head of Nursing and Midwifery at Health Education England in London, partnering with health care providers and institutions of higher learning across London with a goal of educating, developing, and sustaining a top-quality nursing and midwifery workforce that meets the needs of the 21st century and beyond.

McIntosh is passionate about providing authentic and strategic leadership resulting in high-quality patient care for everyone and facilitation of professional development for supporting staff that allows them to progress in their medical careers.

She received a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts in 2019 in recognition of her contributions to nursing and her successes in being a champion for the benefits of diversity and acting as an inspiration to others, encouraging them to achieve their goals via a broad range of media. As a practitioner of the healing arts, McIntosh uses poetry to promote health and wellbeing.

In addition to her work in the nursing profession, McIntosh is a poet, digital broadcaster, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and serves as Editorial Advisor of the Nursing Management Journal published by the Royal College of Nursing Institute. She is proud to share her experiences as a Black woman and a professional in this culturally diverse sector via her blog “The Human Touch.”

The University of London was established by royal charter in 1836.