Jamaican Born, Roger Harriott, Named Football Coach of the Year

Jamaican Born Roger Harriott Named Football Coach of the Year

Jamaican-born Roger Harriott, the head coach of St. Thomas Aquinas High School’s football team in Florida, has made a significant mark in high school sports. His leadership in 2023 led the Raiders to a thrilling victory, securing their 16th state championship with a close win against Homestead, finishing at 31-28. This victory not only highlights Harriott’s exceptional coaching abilities but also cements a crucial chapter in the school’s sports legacy, especially significant for the Caribbean community in Florida.

A Legacy of Success

In his nine years at St. Thomas Aquinas, Harriott has established a legacy of success. His coaching philosophy, focusing on discipline, teamwork, and resilience, has turned the Raiders into a formidable force in high school football. The 2023 championship was particularly special as it was the culmination of the team’s season-long motto, ‘Drive for 5’, signifying their quest for their fifth consecutive state title.

Developing Young Talent

One of Harriott’s key strengths is his ability to develop young talent. Under his tutelage, many players have honed their skills, with some even progressing to play at collegiate and professional levels. Harriott’s emphasis on not just physical training but also mental and strategic aspects of the game has been instrumental in shaping well-rounded athletes.

Community Impact

Beyond the field, Harriott’s impact extends into the community. His commitment to his players’ academic success and personal growth has made him a respected figure not only among his team but also in the wider community. He instills values of hard work, respect, and community service, preparing his players for success both on and off the field.

As Harriott looks forward to future seasons, his already impressive legacy continues to grow. His leadership at St. Thomas Aquinas not only brings trophies but also shapes the lives of young athletes, making him a true asset to the world of high school football.

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