Jamaican Film “Flight” Wins at PanAfrican International Film Festival in Cannes

The Jamaican film “Flight” was named Best Short Film Fiction winner at the PanAfrican International Film Festival in Cannes, France. The festival took place between April 17 and 21, 2019. The film previously won the award for Best Short Film at the Black Women Film Network awards ceremony. The film tells the story of Kemar, inner-city youth from Kingston, Jamaica, whose big dream is flying to the moon. The film focuses on how dreams can be bigger than their dreamers and how they inspire and motivate the dreamers and those around them in their day-t0-day lives. Gabrielle Blackwood is the director and cinematographer on the film. Kia Moses is the writer and co-director. The film is produced by Tashara Lee. Moses was also the winner in te Best Screenplay category, Audience Award, and Best in Festival, in addition to the Best Short award. “Flight” was part of the Propella Film Project launched by JAMPRO and the Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA) in 2018.

The PanAfrican International Film Festival in Cannes is meant to be a platform for cinema and all of its professions, arts, and skills. It represents a major force in the PanAfrican cinema and arts industry and actively seeks specific solutions to challenges in the PanAfrican cinema and arts sectors. The Pan-African film and arts community is experiencing a boom throughout the nations involved, which range from African, North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. In accordance with this activity, the Festival has over decades of experience in developing cinema, fashion, and cultural affairs. The Festival also provides permanent support for the development of new projects as well as the assistance required to bring them to light. With the stated goal of being the heart of the PanAfrican cinema and arts industry,” the Festival offers a space to maintain, enhance,and develop effective partnerships.

Information and Photo Source: PanAfrican International Film Festival , Twitter