Jamaican Fish Farmer,Victor Josephs, the Most Sought-After Fishing-Rod Maker in the Industry

Victor Josephs Jamaican Fish Farmer & Fishing Rod Maker

Victor Josephs, a Jamaican fish farmer, makes the rods that are most in demand in the United States. Josephs’ rods are available at Mud Hole Custom Tackle, a custom fishing catalog firm, and the rods and equipment he makes have become increasingly popular due to the careful craftsmanship and attention to detail he gives to every construction. His careful work has earned the loyalty of fishing enthusiasts Josephs prides himself on building equipment with absolute precision. He is actively targeting “fishing fanatics” with his rods and gear made by a fellow fisherman. Among his custom rods is the “Rasta Rod Collection” that uses designs inspired by the Caribbean. He was hooked on rod building from the first time he made one, but Josephs has also been raising tropical fish since he was six years old growing up in Jamaica. His Port St. Lucie, Florida, home includes 40 ponds containing some 1.5 million tropical fish. He and his wife migrated from Jamaica in 1980, and he worked at a farming aquarium for many years before going out on his own. Now, in addition to his custom fishing rod manufacturing business, Josephs has run a successful tropical fish operation for 11 years.

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