Jamaican Hall Of Fame: Actor, Delroy Lindo

Delroy Lindo was born on November 18, 1952 in London, England of Jamaican parents. In his teens he decided he wanted to pursue a career in The Arts, therefore he decided to attend The American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. After he graduated from The ACT he was able to get his first film role in “American Graffitti”.

His role in “American Graffitti” opened several doors for him because he began to receive parts in several Broadway productions. In 1988 he earned a Tony nomination for his acting role in, “Come and Gone”. Altghough he had acquired several parts as an actor, Delroy Lindo’s career experienced slow progress. His ambition as an actor prompted him to change agents, thus leading him into the limelight and gaining the attention of Movie Producer, Spike Lee.

Spike Lee became very impressed with his repertoire as an actor and immediately cast him in the 1994 film, “Crooklyn”. Since appearing on a few of Spike Lee’s films, Delroy Lindo has managed to land roles in, “Get Shorty”, “Feeling Minnesota”, “Black and White”, “A Life less Ordinary”, “Romeo Must Die” and “Cider House Rules”.

In the past few years, Mr. Lindo received a NAACP Image Nomination for his role as “West Indian Archie” in the film “Malcolm X”.

The Jamaican Hall of Fame is honored to include Delroy Lindo as one of Jamaica’s high achievers.