Jamaican Ann-Marie Campbell, Executive VP for Home Depot Donates US$100K to Alma Mater

Ann-Marie Campbell, Executive Vice President, U.S. Stores and Operations at Home Depot, announced a US$100,000 donation to her alma mater, Holy Childhood High School (HCHS), at the recent HCHS International Alumni Gala held at the Double Tree Hotel in Sunrise, Florida.

A 1981 graduate

Ann-Marie Campbell has been committed to her high school since her graduation, and she is enthusiastic about giving back to the institution, emphasizing the importance of sports to a good education. Her donation will have a major impact on the athletic facilities at HCHS. Campbell expressed her excitement at the positive impact her donation will have on the students at Holy Childhood, both in the present and going forward.

Gratitude for Campbell’s generosity

The principal at HCHS, Sister Maxine McIntosh, said the school was “incredibly grateful” to Campbell for her donation and her continued commitment to the school. She expects the donation to have a lasting influence on the students and the community as well. Sister Maxine added that the school is “thrilled” to partner with the Holy Childhood International Alumni Association in its mission to provide a top-quality education to its students.

Gymnasium upgrade & renovation

The president of the alumni association, Evangelist Dr. Michelle Richards, stated that the funds provided by the donation will go toward renovating and upgrading the gymnasium at the school, which will give students a modern and safe facility for their physical activities and sports. In addition, Campbell’s donation will help the school acquire new equipment and technology to enhance the athletic experience for students. Also included in the funding plans is financial aid for deserving students.

The Great Gatsby themed Gala attracted notable figures

The HCHS International Alumni Gala’s theme for 2024, which attracted former students from Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Canada, several states in the United States, and other locations around the world, was “The Great Gatsby.” The event was headed by Dr. Richards, Grand Marshall Marcia Jobson, and other Marshals.

Ann-Marie Campbell was honored with a special presentation and commendation from Commissioner Denise Grant of Lauderhill. Participating in the event were prominent figures, including Tamar Hamilton, PA, who is campaigning to be judge; Carla Spaulding, an alumna running for Congress; and HCHS student Dr. Diane Moore Eubanks, Esq., who holds the title of Miss Senior Black America.

HCHS Alum donates over US$100k to school.

A Big Night For HCHS & Alums

In addition to Campbell’s donation HCHS also received a US$10,000.00 donation from the proceeds of the HCHS International Alumni Association and a US$1,000.00 donation from Jamaican-American Tamarac Commissioner Marlon D. Bolton. The gala also recognized ten alumni for their contributions to the school. These alumni included Nora Blake, Georgia Bowen, Lakeish Brown, Sophia Cummings, Georgia Hamilton MacBride, Nerisa Henry, Tania Hernandez, Hazel Maragh, Dr. Diane Moore Eubanks, Nadine Cardoza Tomlinson, and Dr. Camesha Whittaker.