Jamaican Hotel Opens First Raw Vegan Eatery

Joining the other award-winning dining options featured at Jamaica’s Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay is the Ital Café, the hotel’s first vegan restaurant. The Half Moon Hotel is a luxury accommodation that has added the Ital Café in response to high demand among its guests for gourmet plant-based cuisine. The café has joined with Dr. Ans Latham, known as the “Father of gourmet ethical raw food,” to devise a menu that offers the benefits of Jamaica’s sun and a concept called “sun-fired food.” The dishes on the men are based on the produce cooked by the sun, or raw, compared with those that are cooked with so-called “high-heat processing methods.” The Ital Café grows its own organic fruit and vegetables, as well as the herbs used in its food preparation. Cold-pressed drinks like Sorrel Cooler and Ginger Lemonade are also offered. According to the Half Moon Hotel, the innovative offerings of the Ital Café are expected to attract diners of both vegan and meat-eating persuasions. The café is located in the hotel’s award-winning Fern Tree Spa, which is well known for the holistic approach it takes to health and well-being using internationally recognized techniques.

Photo Courtesy: Orla & Oak’s Instagram

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